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1 day ago on 09/01/14 at 04:12pm

elementgirl10 asked: The v state what school is that Virginia state or Valdosta state what does the v stand for in the pictures

You’re right

It’s your second answer.

Courtney Albritton #11 

Thank you for the question.

1 day ago on 09/01/14 at 12:23pm

Anonymous asked: oh if you're busy, then don't sweat finding Gator pictures for me. I don't want you to be troubled to get some when I can just do it myself. I hope you have a good week!

Welp as you can see for the last month the blogging hasn’t been like it used too because I was in the middle of moving… And my laptop is messed up still..

So feel free to get the pictures yourself… If you’re not busy….

I will get around to it when I can, which will be towards the end of the week…. Thursday? Maybe I will still post some though… And thanks…
1 day ago on 09/01/14 at 05:07am