Anonymous asked: Does the picture have to be a college one because I'm 12😁 I understand if it does sorry


You can submit anything related to softball
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Happy Easter!

Also; thanks for following!

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hicks53 asked: Hi there! Just a question here lol, how do I submit a photo? Girl I've trained and know is a freshmen at Georgia and I got some pictures of her from her first game. Thanks(:


HERE; i made this for you, i will post this in a different post by itself, and if you need anymore help let me know, Glad to help! 

Now send the photos girl! lol :)


PS; i hope this helped! 

Anonymous asked: How do I send u a picture sorry I'm new to tumblr

I’ll reblog a post for you!

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Anyone want to submit pictures of you playing softball

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Has the games today if nobody knows and probably ESPN 3

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vianellyae asked: you love the softball? , is the best sport of the world.


2 days ago on 04/18/14 at 09:34pm